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Deep in the Appalachians is a town you won't find on any map: Still Ridge. Omar Fletcher, a therapist who navigates the dreams of his troubled clients, is called to the town by someone close to him. As intense nightmares of the town's residents overwhelm Omar a serial killer from Still Ridge's past resurfaces.


Still Ridge demo was created for the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk 2021. This demo represents a vertical slice of the gameplay and features: the story and setting may not be represented in the final product. 

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Version 1.1.3

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The diner conversation has so many little details it makes me wonder if the dev is from West Virginia, or is it just continuing the reference to Silent Hill? If not you did a good job, I live not far from Elkins and was surprised to see it mentioned.


I live in Virginia and pass through the area when I go to Ohio for Origins so a lot of minor details are from s love of traveling. 

The customers in the diner audio was a little loud. Loved playing this game. It's definitely a 9/10 and i cant wait for the full game to release.

We loved this so much that we now have Omar over our shoulders to protect us when we play other horror stuff. Can't wait for more!

https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyLaconicWombatKappa-l88cOqqRSgo4I-sj?tt_content=url... our favourite moment (Kinda spoilers for anyone who hasn't played it yet)

simply amazing the story was rich and thicc

This is awesome. I really enjoy how much the game fully shows itself off as a "PT clone" pretty much right off the bat. You can get that thought out of the way and focus on the rest of it, and the rest is great. I enjoyed it a lot. I did have one complaint though and it's really a personal nitpick, I feel the ending dialogue was way too long and/or filled with "filler." I would have personally preferred the game end as the character was falling but that's just me. I really hope to see a full release, I'd love to play it! here's my experience if you're interested. Good luck and thank you for making it! 

Absolutely amazing omg this was so fun to play.


This was super interesting and I had a great time playing it, would love to see what you can do with an original scenario instead of one based so heavily on PT. I will definitely be checking out the full release though based on what you have here!


i applause to this scene 

loved it! the house is small enough that you know you have access to everything you need, it's just up to the player to put the pieces together! really fun and intriguing!

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Game was definitely interesting. Especially that surprise at the end! Made me gasp, to be honest! Love the writing and everything, too. Overall you all did a great job. Can't wait until it's finished!


Your references are out of control! lol This was the first time I've played something that so clearly wears its influences on its sleeve without feeling forced. I loved it. I need to have an email alert for when the full version comes out.

VERY interesting demo! I can see a lot of inspiration from PT, but this game clearly has its own twists while paying homage to that. I think it has a ton of potential, I was on the edge of my seat at the end! :D It was the second game I played in this 3 Scary Games video:

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Here it goes. Video shortened



And my article within your game critical and game score sorry it is in portuguese ---> traslate for your language on google translator, just copy and past to read


This game was so freaking fun! Good job Jaybee!!

Interesting Silent Hills P.T. inspiration


good game!


Me and a friend played this game together, it was an amazing experience and we both enjoyed the game a ton. Please keep making stuff like this!

This was amazing! The point & click elements work really well (although for some reason I had some issues rotating things at first), I love the story you've started and the mystery of the town. I can't wait to dig deeper into this in the future!

  Incredible game. I never play point-and-click titles, but this one really gets you. The characters relate to you on a personal level and you feel like you really are taking a part in the action.

  Although it's just a demo for now, thank you for the experience. This has limitless potential. Looking forward for more!

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This was awesome. The dialogue was smart, the pacing was great, and the style was impeccable (one of the better looking ‘PS1’ horrors I’ve seen as well.) I really hope this gets finished.

I also love how it doesn’t shy away from being a clear homage to PT, Twin Peaks and the like. I love it when something is honest, unashamed and clever about its influences while also being something new and original.

I loved this! Its a P.T. game thats feels like and homage and not a watered down rip off!!The references, the atmosphere, how it was perfectly P.T. only... not! Amazing game dev! Cant wait for the full game!

amazing game for haunted ps1

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(Twin picks + SilentHill) * Pt = Still Ridge

Very intriguing .

Amazing game. Being from Haunted PS1 Community, it already deserves my attention. I play without thinking twice. Kudos to you guys.

This was creepy, nice demo 

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 Playlist No Commentary

The game's great and also an interesting spin on the PT formula. It'll be interesting to see how you develop out the reality portion. Though, If you are going to let the player name their saves, I'd remove the New Game text in the save so the players understands to enter in a save name.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

I loved it. Was a little hesitant at first due to similarities to PT but this game is definitely its own thing and I look forward to the finished project. And nice Twin Peaks reference too.


I loved the game JAYBEE!! it was very different and simple! can't wait to play more of your games keep it up! 


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I played this in the PS1 demo disc, great job! One of the better games ive played from those demo discs!


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Cool stuff. I must say by now I hate PT stuff (and it's a bit buggy, eg. the clock needs to be set twice each time), but the latter part got me hooked!

I haven’t heard anyone mention issues with the clock. I’ll have to look into it

Important thing though: I played the demo disk version. But I had two issues:

  1.  Every time I tried setting the clock, putting a correct value would give me "clock reset itself" info - it would still show what I typed in in the interface and simply clicking on ok button again would set it this time.
  2. Once it set itself to 2PM instead of the morning time I typed in. Not sure if it was deliberate as I got into the loop of doing the morning multiple time

I also had problems with the clock because of the radio knob "moving by itself" and not letting me to turn it clockwise. Only after the clock set itself to wrong hour I fiddled around with the radio some more and managed to tune it after 10 tries. 


I’ll also say it started as a jab against PT but hate games are always boring so it evolved into something original. 

Hahah, that's true :)