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You have sixty seconds to assemble the silver monkey on the pedestal. The pieces are randomly located on the shelves or hidden in the cabinets. If you have a Pendant of Life and run out of time, 60 seconds will be added to your clock. The faster and more accurate you are, the better you'll score and win BIG PRIZES.

Post your score in the comments to earn bragging rights.


WASD: Move

Left mouse button: hold to pick up and drag items/doors

Right mouse button: hold the right mouse button while holding an item to rotate it. If you're on a mousepad (wtf, seriously) you can rebind RotateMoveable in the Unity launcher

Shift: sprint

Space: jump

ESC: Menu


The monkey is slippery. Firmly grasp your monkey!

Release the right mouse button frequently to recenter the held item. This prevents slippage. 

The head is the hardest piece to fit correctly. It's easier to insert the rod first, then rotate the head to align in the correct direction. 

If it seems like you should win but haven't triggered victory, try jiggling the monkey's pieces to ensure a good fit.

If the game seems hard, it's because it is! The sponsors expect a 30% pass rate. Hate the sponsors, not the game!


Sometimes the pieces get stuck in the geometry. Try hitting it with another piece. If that sounds unfair, it's because it is!

Sometimes your score won't calculate properly if you retry after forfeiting from the menu. If that sounds unfair, it's because it is!

If the game seems frozen after using "forfeit" press the escape key. The lazy dev probably forgot to check a flag that unpauses the game when Unity switches scenes. They will be reprimanded.


Basically everything: Justen Brown (@jaybee_tyn)

Fart and crowd sound effects: Freesounds

Music shamefully stolen from the source

Various textures: Wikimedia Commons and public domain images


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put your game in a random games indie romp thing I made. this was a pretty good rage game if that's what you were going for haha. hope you enjoy the video

your game starts at 1:25


3 months late to this but I'm glad you found the glitch I couldn't figure out to win. Thanks for the video.