It's Halloween night in Pleasant End, Virginia. Tonight is your 13th birthday and you're planning one last run with your new friend on the rich end of the street where full candy bars flow like water. It's going to be a good night because you're finally going to come out with a deep, dark secret: you are a vampire.


Arrows/D-Pad = Move cursor.

Z/A = Interact

X/B = Cancel

Enter/Start = Inventory

Shift/Select = Save/Load menu


Created by: Justen Brown

Music by: DeerTears and krümel

Created with GB Studio by Chris Maltby

Made in two weeks for the $104 Adventure Game Challenge by Vance Baryn

This game is complete but not polished to my standards. A polished "deluxe" version will be released outside the jam's timeframe. is a Game Boy rom that can run in any emulator or flash cart. Battery backup required to save.


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Development log


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Very nice game, really captures the spirit of the season! The pixel art and references are great, and the kids have cute writing, even what she does at the end seems like a happy ending. 

I did notice one bug, picking up the rose says "picked up 4 o clock." Also at the beginning it says "October 31st, 1830," is that a typo or the time?

can't run the game :(

it’s a literal game boy rom. It requires either an emulator or you can run it in browser. 


Fun game some of the puzzles were difficult but I've got stuck trying to scare the religious lady and can't exit her screen. Not sure what to do

you can leave her screen via the arrows to the far right. To scare her: interact with the cross, turn on the fire, equip glasses. 


I think there is a bug with the lady, if you do the fire and cross but then interact with her with the cape equiped the game comes to a halt

interesting I’ll look into it. 

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The same thing happened with me too. I didn't have my costume equipped, and I did the cross and fire thing and then tried to scare her. The screen froze after that...

But I've enjoyed your game so far, I'll try and come back to it later. :)