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Life moves pretty fast. One minute you're passing the joint while slamming down Cheez Balls, the next you're being chased by the Two-Minute Axe Killer. And you've seen enough horror movies to know the car never starts on the first try. And damn, why is your friend's ride the last fossil with a carburetor? Where the hell did she leave the keys!? Oh, God, was that a stick snapping behind you?!?!

"Come on! Come on!! COME ON!!!"

Come On! Come On! Come On! is a short narrative simulator in the vein of classic slasher films playable in two minute bursts. Find the keys, start the car, and try not to die. 

-12 unique endings to find

-Instructions are included on the title screen

-The game auto-saves after every ending. You can load your progress (saved endings) by clicking on my name in the title screen

-The "endings" menu contains hints on achieving all the endings. Don't read them if you don't want spoilers

-The game is finished and needs no more updates, content wise.


In an effort to be more inclusive for beginner drivers and ESL speakers, Fjord Motor Company has released a symbol chart for how to start their Fjord Nation Knight.


Justen Brown for the Two-Minute Horror Jam

Using Unity and Adventure Creator


Haunted PS1 Community, the best collection of friendly indie devs


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I'm not really frustrated while playing the game. Actually, I'm puzzled on what's going on. every ending has a good animation I really really like it. the mechanics of the game itself is very fun and simple, but I think I'm just to dumb for this game lol. I played similar games like this but this game stands out for me. really good game!

p.s game starts at 04:56


How to itch.io How about publishing the game???

I am from china.


How do you know if the killer is actually "hiding"? Is it after you stare the killer down in the mirror they retreat do you need to wait a minute or do it imidiately or is there a totally seperate thing to get them to actually "hide". IDK ive tried a dozen times to go when I thought the killer was completely away but keeping meeting the branch. Thanks :D

btw way cool game, i love this some odd reason it reminds me of some survival movies like wrecked and buried.


Nevermind I think I just didnt realize I needed the headlights on :D also ive got all endings now. Great game!

Funny experience. Really kept me stuck because I didn't know that you need to repeat the process many times until it works, instead of trying to "full" fill the engine pressure keeping W pressed.

Anyways, it's a fresh experience, slasher-like story. Try it and don't become too frustrated.

This game was seriously tricky lol! Wasn't able to finish unfortunately but still tried it out! It's the send game I play in my video!  

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Really liked this game it was hillariously frustrating lol. made a playthorugh on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KHn43cuBYQ&t=96s

can anyone tell me what was the music used in this game?

I made all the music. 

do you have the mp3? i really want the music from the game to listen to lol


after play this game now i wanna play house of the dead series


Pour les Francophones !

This was a really cool game. I really loved the concept, though I did feel really stupid trying to start the car hahaha.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for making such a cool game!



As a big fan of the genre, slashers don’t come around often, so this game caught my attention right away. The premise, era and aesthetics are great, especially with the multiple ways in which you can fail. A particularly amusing one involved me forgetting about something that’s detailed in the instructions. And I was so close to getting away... 

It took a few rounds to get the hang of it, but I caught on eventually. Even managed a few of the good endings. I’ve got five left to get, so it’ll be interesting to see what I have to do to get them. All in all, I had a great time with this game, and I hope you’ll make more games, perhaps in the same universe. Well done! 

Thanks for giving it a run, you got farther than most lol. Judging by the sound effects you're playing 1.0.2, the current version 1.0.3 fixes the remaining bugs like the seat belt although all the endings are still obtainable.


This is one of my favorite game of all time! I had so much fun even though it made me feel small brain trying to start a car. Skip to 8:25!

great video, thanks for playing!



The killer was our female friend, copycatting TUMAK, or is the story a lot more complicated and we've met an actual Two-Minute Axe Killer?


Really enjoyed this unique experience , Really creepy got a few good endings but not all! 😄


Very nice game! spooky!


omg! creepy


thanks for playing, sorry you died so much!

I can't figure out how to get the car started. Am I missing something?


You have to fill the pressure bar, wait for it to fully empty, then turn the keys. It’s an old car in a horror movie so it probably won’t start the first time. 



The killer was our female friend, copycatting TUMAK, or is the story a lot more complicated and we've met an actual Two-Minute Axe Killer?