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A short narrative about smoking in your backyard. Made in 48 hours for HPS1 Wretched Weekend Jam 1. 

Press TAB to lock/unlock the cursor

Move the cursor to the top of the screen to access the inventory

WASD to move

Hold shift to RUN

Click on items to combine them with other items: you've played an adventure game, haven't you?

Made by @jaybee_tyn

Created with Unity + Adventure Creator


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Cigar Break v1.1.rar 27 MB

Development log


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Interesting short one!

When I change directions, I get motion sickness because of grepick around me....but good this game

its a good game trust me, DOWNLOAD IT NOW and see why!

a good game. 

really nice game with a nice story to follow.

but i think i found few weird bugs,

the main menu ui isnt scaled correctly with my resolution (1280x720) which makes the begin and quit buttons not visible.

second thing, which im not sure if its intentional or not but some of the subtitles was really fast at least for me, 

you can see the stuff im talking about in the video.

other then that i think the game is nice and it has nice controls and inventory system as well, not mentioning the nice ps1 graphics (except the forest area, the ground's texture gave me hard time looking at it)

This was a fun game! I liked it! I explored the environment a bit, though the way the textures bend when I walk through them gave me a little headache. The monster was pretty freaky, I only saw it for a second but it really caught me off guard. I like how there's a story that makes sense too, and it's not just a jump scare waiting to happen. Looking forward to more projects!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thanks!

I liked this game a lot . Small but i hope it was a little bigger. 

Here's my video of it playing.

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I really enjoyed the game and would love to see it get developed further! I love the idea behind your monsters. Although, I did have an issue with the main menu displaying. 

It’s funny you somehow completely missed the monster, it was probably locked directly behind you the entire time. 

lmao I'll give it a replay then. I gtfo of there!


It made really good work of slowly ramping up the intensity of the horror element in the story.

Especially when the reveal happened I was a little lost for words.

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Hello there everyone, I made a video about 3 horror games and this game is the first in the video, to give feedback on the game it actually is a pretty fun game that had a pretty nice scare in it.


Lol, funny video. Good editing. Thanks for checking the game out.

Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out. I've been playing through all of the Wretched Weekend games, and this one in particular is giving me trouble with its aspect ratio. It isn't in widescreen, so I can't access the game menu or inventory. Any suggestions? This is how it opened from the start, btw. I didn't adjust any settings prior. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to playing.

Can you play it in windowed mode? Alt + enter then adjust the boundaries? You could also add the line "setdisplay [your resolution here]" to the executable. The menu is supposed to automatically adjust size so this is the first time I'm hearing it won't let you. 

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I’ll try to adjust the boundaries again when I’m home. Alt + Enter before would bring it from Full screen to windowed mode, except the image would still be the same size. I’ll try to adjust the executable as well. Thanks for the response! Dunno why my computer had to be dumb. I did have issues on another game where the subtitles only appeared when I was in windowed mode. Who knows! Thanks again :)

I uploaded a new version of the game with a resolution selector. Let me know if there are any more issues.

i'm having the same issue and when i make it windowed i can't adjust the window boundaries at all - not sure how to add the setdisplay line to the executable ^-^'

There's a way to open an exe in cmd and force a resolution but mine might be overridden by NVIDIA. Depending on your graphics card you may be able to force an application to run at a certain resolution or maybe the compatibility settings will work. IDK, this was all much easier before Unity removed its configuration screen for whatever reason.

I uploaded a new version of the game with a resolution selector. Let me know if there are any more issues.

Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 37th game I played!

I really enjoyed the game, I thought the story was well told and gave you just enough to be invested in the character. The aesthetic was also spot of the PS1 with the texture warping and stuff, plus even though I think I missed the thing at the end, I like the way the story shifted and things turned out for the character. Great job!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):

Thanks. You did miss the creature and you can avoid it but in hindsight it’s difficult to see coming. 


I liked the buildup—it gave me just enough information that I assumed the story was referring to something else and going in a different direction, then you successfully surprised me there with a fun twist. Great job!

I was able to hop over the fence and softlock myself in a side yard, but I'd definitely put that in a "I got what was coming to me" bug category.

lol Glad you enjoyed it.

Wow... Apart from the good refinement, the twist and the whole topic took me by surprise... Good job, looking forward to the next game in the same universe!

thanks for playing. 

Is the game finished and needs no further updates?

it’s as finished as it’s going to be for now. 

You mean that you won't patch this game ever? If this is the case, I might play it right now!

consider it the final version. If I return to it it will be a separate new game. 

Plays nicely and accomplishes its goal of being terrifying

appreciate it!