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Really nice game, the best of the three of yours I've played so far and I've enjoyed em all. Looking forward to what you put out in the future.

neat game. i liked the premise of the story and the cinematic way it was portrayed in the introduction. the lo-fi music was an odd but enjoyable choice. good stuff!

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man, you really have this low poly atmosphere down.  like, you truly understand how to actually build spaces in this aesthetic that complement it, and build a proper mood. theres a real sense of lore to the world that makes it feel bigger than just what we see.  hope to see a lot more from you soon.  

btw, I got here after seeing your Madvent 2020 entry, and since there's no standalone page for it, I figured I'd ask: can I get some kind of hint on the key location for the door?  I've tried a lot of things, think I checked all the drawers, tried burning or flushing any moveable objects...  I'm stumped! 


behind the couch


Pleasant little sci-fi game. Majorly into the colors and lowpoly shapes.

Here's my video on this funky game. I loved it, great work.

My video on At Ishtar's Gate.


I loved my time with At Ishtar's Gate. This game was clearly made with a near-reverent love for the retro aesthetic. It is visually beautiful, for sure, but what drew me into the world the most was the writing. This narrative is powerful, and I'd love to see more indie horror games explore the themes touched on here. Great work


Loved this! From the chill tunes, the old-school narrative style, and the general atmosphere. Only complaint is I did end up getting stuck in the water once after falling off the bridge and had to load the autosave.  

This game low key has amazing music is it available anywhere? 

Hit up the composer Benn Gabriner in the credits. 

This game looks really sweet, any chance a uploading a Linux executable. Thanks!

I don’t know anything about building for Linux but maybe give it a shot because unity is supposed to build for windows/Mac/Linux. 

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uh oh did the next map not load for you?